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So I was on my daily internet treasure hunt as usual, and I came across some buried blog-treasure here
and here

Toy-a-day: Seriously?! Every day? How do people do those things? I’ve started many “something-a-day” projects but I’ve never lasted any longer than a few weeks. I love this idea though, a character, made of peper, some well-known, some obscure. I prefer the obscure ones, but that’s just because my life pretty much revolves around obscurity.

I am Kritch: Kritch (is that your name?) whoever you are, you are pretty damn interesting. “Using mostly cardboard, I plan to take over the world.” WOAH, dude, can I write a book about you? Please? Oh, right, the art, cardboard robots, happy oranges, and octopi. What a great combo, you’ve got: a fruit, a machine, and a sea-creature. What more?

At the moment I am…
Listening to Nirvana- Bleach
making an evil flower out of soda cans I cut up. I’ll post frightening pictures of it later today.


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